Uncle Frank’s Coco Honey and Dr. Gerry’s Coco Nectar: Health Benefits and Nutritional Values

HELPS KEEP HEART HEALTHY – Provides healthy short-chain and medium-chain fatty acids(MCFA) essential to overall good health. Most fatty acids consumed are Long-chain Fatty Acids (LCFA) that are detrimental to heart and arteries. In contrast, the MCFA in Coco Honey and Coco Nectar help lessens the risk of atherosclerosis and heart disease. The Amino Acids Proline and Lysine in Coco Honey and Coco Nectar taken with a substantial dose of non-acidic Vitamin C, has been proven to actually reverse Atherosclerosis, and thus has been recommended as the safest food for a recovering Stroke victim.

LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX/REDUCES SWEET CRAVINGS – Coco Honey and Coco Nectar have very low GIs of only 35, compared to Bee Honey(55-83) and sugar(65-100). Coco Honey and Coco Nectar assist in relieving Stress on the pancreas and enzyme systems, thereby reducing risks associated with Diabetes. The Aminos in Coco Honey and Coco Nectar improve the health of the pancreas allowing it to effectively produce the hormone Insulin necessary for the regulation and utilization of sugar in the bloodstream. The healthy fat (MCFA) in Coco Honey and Coco Nectar slow down any rise in blood sugar and lessens cravings for sweet food.

ANTI-OBESITY – Coco Honey and Coco Nectar speed up metabolism providing an immediate source of fuel with less calories. Coco Honey and Coco Nectar allow a stronger ability to go without eating for several hours without the risk of hypoglycemia.

ALMOST-INSTANT ENERGY BOOST – Coco Honey and Coco Nectar provide an extra-nutricious and delicious source of Extra Energy. Coco Honey and Coco Nectar are immediately converted by the body to energy supporting improved performance and quick recovery during physical and athletic activities. They promote healthy thyroid function and relieves symptoms of chronic fatigue.

BOOSTS IMMUNE SYSTEM – The presence of complete number of Amino Acids in Coco Honey and Coco Nectar multiplies the capability of the Immune System to Fight Diseases and Repair Tissues.

HEALTH FOOD FOR ALL AGES – Contains a large amount of Lauric Acid, the predominant fatty Acid found in Mothers’ Milk. It is thus a safe food supplement for infants while the Aminos promote accelerated growth. Coco Honey and Coco Nectar need no digestion and are thus immediately assimilated into the body for its utilization, thereby making them advisable food for weak-hearted, infants and the aged.