What is Coco Honey?

Uncle Frank’s Coco Honey (formerly Dr. Gerry’s Coco Nectar) is processed from the Nectar of the Coconut Flower, otherwise also known more generically as Coco Sap. This process includes the suspension of spontaneous fermentation and the inversion of sugars into fructose and glucose.

Most Filipinos have known Coconut Sap or locally known as tuba to be a source of wine when fermented, brandy, lambanog, when distilled and vinegar.

Uncle Frank’s Coco Honey contains about 24 amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, growth hormones and miscellaneous nutrients. High temperature processing can destroy some of these natural nutrients. Vitamins are temperature-sensitive substances. Biotin, for example, is destroyed by heat at a temperature of 40C, while Vitamin C is destroyed at about 50-60C.

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    Marilu Says:

    Dear Dr Gerry,

    May I know where I can purchase coconut nectar and how much is it per bottle?

    Thank you.